Monday, January 7, 2013

more short poems by me

Take me Away

By Stormy Stewart 3-2012

Once the babes are a sleep,

Down the stairs she will creep.

Gathering a cup of tea,

A cookie straddling her knee.

She sits and gathers a thought,

For this time she has fought,

A crying babe's teething pain,

has taken over her domain.

This quiet moment she enjoys,

As she listens for her little boys,

Still asleep in the rooms above,

All snuggled in and kissed with love.

Now it is her time to explore,

Rivers, lakes, and fields galore,

From the house, she can not go,

So she enters the book, very slow.

Wondering, waiting as she reads,

Admiring the leading ladies beads,

She is now within the story,

Living her life in all it's glory.

As she sits in her books embrace,

Ever mindful of time and space,

She stops to pick up a daisy,

Thinking about how her life has gone crazy.

She hears a sigh,

And then a cry,

Soon, another and another,

She prays he won't wake his bigger brother.

As she closes her book,

She gives her life a second look,

Sure last night was hard to cope,

But today will surly bring new hope.

As she walks back upstairs,

She passes her sons two toy bears,

An animal adventure would be fun,

But for now the new day's begun.

Off the wall

By Stormy Stewart 5-2012

The boy realized his doomed fate,
Those hideous peas upon his plate,
And so it had become a race,
To hide them in his mothers vase.

The boy sat with Cheery eyes,
Knowing it was a big disguise,
The peas he had hid in the cabinet above,
Until his mother was cleaning the kitchen with love.

She stumbled upon the cabinet high,
Peas were about to hit the sky,
Now the peas were bouncing off the wall,
The peas are rolling after us all.

We run and dodge, yelling and screaming.
The peas were rolling after us beaming,
Stop I say, I will not run,
For me this running is no fun.

We peas were not running after you,
So please kid, if we through,
Your mother, she's another matter,
I fear with her, we'll be on your platter.

She will put us in water again,
Until we are all plump of skin,
Then we go upon your plate,
And you already know what is our fate.

You see she found your spot, a year ago,
My gosh son, you sure are slow,
I've been upon your plate, a time or two,
But for Sam here, this will make forty-two.

So you say, this is your big chance,
You hoped I would believe, that song and dance,
But just in case what you say is true,
Run fast, I'll cover you.

Jelly bean

by Stormy Stewart 8/7/2012

Just hanging around with my jelly bean,

Prettiest woman you ever seen,

Sweeter than a honey bee,

what's what she is to me.

We met on a summers night,

That is when our love took flight,

So I thought I'd give it a whirl,

She seamed like such a nice girl.

So I'm hanging around with my Jelly bean

Meanest darn woman that I've ever seen,

She's always here all day and night,

And I just want her out of my sight.

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